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Lighting Control

Lighting Control is one of the fundamental features of a smart home. The ability to program time scheduled functions is just the beginning. Sophisticated interior and exterior lighting control systems offer beneficial functions and wellness features.  For instance, lighting color temperatures changes can sync with your circadian patterns to allow your body to achieve proper rest. This can be customized for each bedroom.

There are different types of lighting features for specific parts of the home.  Brighter lights can mimic daylight in your home office (for those remote meetings) or meal preparation areas.  Warmer lighting can be programmed for family rooms or bedrooms. High color rendering fixtures illuminate works of art complemented by addressable fixtures, which can be individually dimmed for proper lighting effects.

There is a wide selection of lighting keypads you can choose, from glass and metal laser engraved offerings to stylish unique designs. Depending on your preference, keypads can blend into the wall or become wall art themselves.

A goodnight button can turn off all the lights in the home and a path button can illuminate the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Combined with occupancy sensors and daylight sensors, lighting can auto-dim when daylight is present and can turn lights on when you enter a room or a closet. A complete automated solution can simplify everyday activities.