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CCS can provide lighting systems from Crestron and Lutron to fully control all lighting and shading in a boardroom for centralized control for new construction or wireless systems for retrofit applications. With systems by Lutron and Crestron complete solutions can be configured which control shading and thermostats from wireless remotes, touchpanels and wall mounted keypads. Complex scheduling combined with motion sensors, astronomic clocks, and light sensors can control lights throughout the day based on criteria such as time of day, sunrise or sunset, presence or people or just when it gets dark. Any number of lights can be combined into a scene dimmed at various levels to fully automate lighting control.


By utilizing a commercial lighting control system an presenter can control lights for an audio visual presentation using a wireless remote, touchscreen, mobile phone or Apple Ipad. Single button control can set an entire lighting scene for general meeting or A/V presentations maximizing productivity and minimizing energy costs. Additionally, the dimming of lighting extends lamp life and along with motion detection reduces energy consumption. Automated scheduling provides the optimum use of resources while managing lighting levels throughout the day based on exterior light levels and time of day. Additionally, HVAC control for commercial HVAC systems can be integrated into the total control package.

The team of professionals from CCS can work with you lighting designer, architect and contractor to select and design the perfect lighting system for your specific needs. Call us if you need more information or would like to schedule a demonstration of what we can do for you.

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