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Whether your idea of a home theater is a cost family room with a projection system that can operate in full room lighting or a dedicated space with state-of-the-art 3-D Hi Definition image on a 10’ wide screen CCS can find the correct solution for you. Integrating solutions from quality screen manufacturers providing both electric concealed screens to high gain perforated screens which can conceal loudspeakers behind them, video projector manufacturers providing world class projection systems, high quality audio systems and processors for earth shattering sound, convenient control systems to facilitate ease of use for even the most complex systems and quality seating and lighting systems to make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.


CCS and its design team can craft a solution tailored for your specific need no matter what your budget no matter what your space constraints area. We can work with your interior designers, architects or general contractors to fabricate the specific environment that you require. Also, we can provide a full turnkey solution working with our designers and our general construction affiliate Milan Construction to go from conception to completion. Systems can be designed to integrate with a whole house automation system or can be stand alone with the future option of integrating into a whole house solution.


By combining lighting and shading technology with control of projection, audio and video equipment through a control system a single control device, be it a touchpanel, remote, Iphone or Ipad can control the entire system. Dimming lights, closing window shades, lowering a retractable screen, turning the projector and sound system on, adjusting the temperature and displaying a library image of available blu-ray discs in a changer. All this can be accomplished with one button press.

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