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We specialize in home automation system from RTI, Crestron and Elan Home Systems. Our designers can custom specify a solution for you specific application from our supported vendors to provide our client with a system that is cost effective for their individual needs with upgradability should the need arise to go from a singe room solution to control of a whole house with minimal loss of initial investment.

It is our primary aim to make the automation system a benefit for all family members providing simplicity in use as well as powerful control of entire home systems when required. With a well engineered system, all family members can utilize the system with minimal training harnessing the processing power of numerous processing systems to make complicated task simple and efficient. With one button a homeowner could dim the lights in home theater, close window shades, power on the sound system and projector, lower a retractable projection screen and have a selection of available blu-ray discs, sorted by genre, presented on screen for his selection. Or perhaps when arriving at home the press of a visor button could open the main gate, open the correct garage door, turn on a path of light, if it is dark outside, set the temperature on specific thermostat, start a fire in the fireplace if it is below 50 degrees outside, and set the television in the kitchen to the cable news channel. How many times have you wondered if you shut the garage door or wondered if your children made it home on time or perhaps wanted to find out what your pets are doing? With a home automation system connected to the Internet you could view your garage doors from a connected camera and shut an open door, check a door log to find out when a specific door in your home was opened and review a video recording of the entry to see who came at what time, you could also view a camera in the pet area to check on how your pets are doing. Not only are these scenarios possible, but they can be implemented today for a cost that would have been unthinkable 5 years ago.

Our home automation systems can provide control of Security, HVAC, Video Surveillance, Media, Lighting, Shading, Pool/Spa, Irrigation, and Communications Systems.

Contact the professionals at CCS today to find our how easy it is to implement home automation technology in you existing or new home. We utilize systems which have a proven track record of reliability and serviceability to guarantee your investment performs from the day installed till well into the future.

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