Combined lighting, windows shading, climate control, video projection and distribution systems help facilitate centralized monitoring and maintenance in educational facilities.

Film and Video Production

Film and Video Production facilities can benefit from a commercial automation system that controls lighting, climate systems, remote monitoring of security, access control, resource usage to maximize energy efficiency and employee productivity.

Health Care

We partner with health care facilities and surgical centers to design integrated centralized control systems that meet all audio-visual functions.


Museums benefit from integrated audio-video, lighting and climate control systems and can offer their patrons an elevated event experience.


Our technical experts can provide complete commercial audio-visual and lighting integrated systems to meet today’s energy savings standards.

Restaurants and Bars

A completely integrated audio-visual, entertainment, video surveillance, and lighting system with an intuitive user interface can automate essential functions to meet the needs of restaurants and bars.


Utilizing an in room automation system connected to the hospitality software of your facility provides a personalized guest experience and conserves energy by powering down resources when not in use.


An integrated video surveillance, background music, and video display system can all be easily coordinated with a user intuitive interface.